Single Stop Services

The Single Stop model facilitates the creation of a holistic support network that combines our groundbreaking technology and programming with your localized services to connect your clients with comprehensive resources that alleviate barriers.

Key Program Components

Single Stop Technology

Single Stop’s innovative platform screens clients for benefits connecting them to a myriad of public resources. From their home or with a Single Stop case worker, clients can determine their benefits eligibility and get application information. Our technology suite provides connections to key resources and supports partners developing a network of wrap around services to meet individuals’ needs.

Single Stop Training and Consulting

Through comprehensive planning, consulting and training, Single Stop supports partners during the first year of partnership optimizing the program model. We provide colleges with capacity through program implementation teams and tools to create a “Single Stop” model on campus. Beyond the first year, Single Stop provides access to continued help desk support and annual training.

Single Stop Data Tracking

Eligibility for benefits is only one part of the solution. For individuals needing support in securing those benefits, our case management tool provides partner staff with a simple way to support and track client benefit cases over time. Additionally, the Single Stop platform allows for data collection and reporting that can be used in conjunction with college data to evaluate program effectiveness and outcomes.

Key Program Components

Single Stop Connects

Single Stop Connects is companion tool that enables Single Stop partners to do effective outreach referring clients to sites using an automated process. The outreach tool may be accessed through a tablet or mobile device both from a client’s home as well as at strategic locations where Single Stop partners will come into contact with potential Single Stop clients. For residents in NYC and NJ, you can use connects today and refer yourself to a local partner.

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Single Stop Wrap Around Services

In addition to our core offerings, Single Stop also works with our partners to help clients connect to additional services. With partners across the country, we can support you in developing a free tax program, learning how to make appropriate legal referrals and build financial counseling capacity within your organization. We also provide healthcare navigation and facilitated enrollment within NYC.

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