Single Stop USA Statement on Programmatic Integrity

Compliance with Law: Single Stop conducts its activities strictly in accordance with applicable laws. Single Stop requires its sites, site coordinators and site service providers to do the same. Submission of falsified or inaccurate paperwork is prohibited. Anyone who works at or with Single Stop sites is required to report any suspicious information and must not aid in the submission of any falsified information or other illegal activity. In addition, it is likewise both inappropriate, illegal and against Single Stop’s policies to encourage, support, or assist clients in submitting applications with incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent information. No Single Stop site coordinator or Single Stop employee should ever engage in such conduct and should report any such conduct to Single Stop senior management immediately.

Ethics: Single Stop is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, programmatic quality and integrity, honesty, confidentiality and safety, and works to combat fraud and abuse. We are truthful in our advertising and neither minimize nor overstate the human needs of those whom we assist. We demonstrate respect for the integrity, pride, beliefs and culture of the people whom we serve, respecting their dignity. We will not denigrate them in our advertising and promotion. We are committed to providing our services only to those individuals and families who are legally entitled to receipt of these supports under applicable law.

Transparency: We are committed to a policy and practice of full public disclosure of all relevant information concerning our goals, programs, finances and governance.

Financial: We accept no compensation or gifts of any sort from any of our clients, and pay no commissions or other similar fees for fundraising.

Political/Solicitation Activities: Single Stop resources are not used in partisan political activity and Single Stop employees and site staff may not, while on the job, engage in any type of partisan political activity. The selling of goods or services, advertising, and other similar for-profit activities by Single Stop employees and site staff in the work place or at sites are prohibited.

Substance Abuse: The use or possession of illegal drugs, the use of alcohol, or being inebriated or under the influence of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited in Single Stop offices or sites or while Single Stop employees or site staff are on the job.

Whistleblower Policy: It is Single Stop’s policy not to retaliate against anyone who in good faith reports wrongdoing or unethical behavior by Single Stop employees or site staff.