A Message of Support for Our Community

In the face of COVID-19 and the very real ways that it is impacting your everyday life, Single Stop is working proactively to protect and support our national network of partners, surrounding communities, and internal team.

We recognize the deep and significant impact COVID-19 is having on communities across the country. An event of this magnitude only reinforces our vision to ensure that everyone has access to the American dream. We find ourselves called to action to use our technology and capabilities for the greater good. Starting today our innovative benefits screener is available to the public. Individuals and families can complete a screening and immediately receive information about benefits and services for which they may be eligible. Our staff will be available via email to answer questions and provide additional information.

These are unprecedented times yet we will continue to do what we do best: leveraging partnerships and technology to connect people to the benefits and services they need to survive life’s challenges. It is our honor to be a resource for communities in these challenging times.

We wish you and your family good health, safety, and comfort.